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Bunny Meadows Web Design by IntellectProductions
Bunny Meadows Web Design

Bunny Meadows is a bunny breeding simulation game that has some RPG elements in the mix of it. The biggest features that make the game stand out is the dominant/recessive breeding system, the card-based adventure system, habitats, gardening, and fishing. You get to create multiple parties of your rabbits that are infused by power shards to adventure throughout the Kingdom and even outside it's walls! Help defend Bunny Meadows from neighboring kingdoms and the ultimate mutated invasion!

Coming in the Fall of 2016.

Alkharia Web Design by IntellectProductions
Alkharia Web Design

The code-base is coming for this soon, but this is a design I did for my second game I'm developing, Alkharia. Alkharia will plan to launch well after 2017 since Bunny Meadows is top priority at the moment.

Alkharia is an MMO RPG browser-based game. It will include features like daily challenges, tactful battling, adventuring, skill leveling, dungeoneering, and more. You can be a warrior, mage, paladin, or even a huntsman and go through your journey summoning companions (pets).

Hannah's Hutch Logo Design by IntellectProductions
Hannah's Hutch Logo Design
We wanted something representing her crochet business, but still represent the "hutch" in the brand name. This was done in Adobe Illustrator and definitely challenged me as an artist since the yarn ball was more complex than I originally thought it would be. We went through a few color schemes to get it correct since she wanted to keep it "neutral", but still gentle and soft.
Hello. My name is Haley. I have been coding with HTML & CSS for 10 years and working with the Adobe Software for roughly the same amount of years.
You can view my web design portfolio here:……………

Base Web Design Prices start at $200-250+ (coded as well). Please note that most of my clients estimate to $400-500.

I have also been programming with PHP and MySQL for 6 years with the jQuery library for 5 years. I am currently working for [link] (getting a complete recode since previous programmer was inexperienced).
I have also worked for, but resigned due to the lack of funding for the recode they wanted to go through.

I program in an MVC structure with OOP standards, but can work VERY easily with procedural since that is the basic beginner style.
I have used the CodeIgniter and FuelPHP frameworks. I work at a very fast pace.
If you are needing references, please note me and I will give them to you.
My base programming rate starts at $17/hr. I sometimes can do fixed prices for a certain project, but it's a VERY rough quote that you will receive so please do not expect it to be a permanent quote as hours can shift very quickly.

I am available roughly 10-12 hours a day.
You can contact me via messengers:
Skype - h_schillig
Or email me at

Please note that if you do note me on here, it will take a little longer to get back to you since I do not always have DA open.

Thank you,


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Intellect Productions
Artist | Professional | Design & Interfaces
United States
Intellect Productions has been up since last year. The business has just been registered through the state last month and I am lifting off as a professional freelancer.

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CatInYourCloset Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Hi, I'm Cat (the one you noted on my =Caticus account.) I no longer use that account, so you can contact me on this one.
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